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Don Reddick is an award-winning author of historical fiction, whose novels include Dawson City Seven and Killing Frank McGee. Don's newest book, The Trail Less Traveled, is a chronicle of the great Dawson City-to-Ottawa Stanley Cup reenactment. The culmination of all three books and twenty years of research, it details the legendary 1905 Dawson journey along with a collage of research and observation experienced during the reenactment, which has since been described as, "the greatest amateur hockey event ever staged."

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In the book Don reveals not only the day-to-day experience of the great trek, but the history of the original games, the history of the Yukon and its gold rush, as well as the interaction of a lone American writer amongst the characters of today's Yukon. At its core a melding of history, humor, and heartbreak, the writer whose first novel provided a blueprint for the modern journey now provides a remarkable account of actually experiencing the story he once wrote about.

Don's original article, The Death of Frank McGee, which is woven into The Trail Less Traveled, appeared in both the Society for International Hockey Research Journal and Total Hockey, and was recognized by the editors of The Best American Sports Writing. A portion of Dawson City Seven was selected as the largest entry in the collection of hockey prose, Words On Ice. In May, 2001, the Society for International Hockey Research bestowed upon Don the Brian McFarlane Award, for distinguished research and writing. Don is currently working on his novel Cerulean Blues, scheduled for release next year. Don lives on the banks of the Tweed River in Vermont, with his wife Terry.

Notes: photograph of Dawson Nugget Steve Craig, aboard the ferry Malaspina, leaving Skagway, Alaska, by Don Reddick. Photo of the author in Pelly Crossing, Yukon, by Roy Johnson. Backcover photo of the author by Terry Reddick. Please direct inquiries and correspondence with Don Reddick to